Reinardo Chung  alias 'Mental Chung'  is an art explorer, journeying through the fields of visual arts, graphic design, 3D animation, film and music.Reinardo grew up in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica where he was exposed to
art and musical influences of all sorts and he also had a huge passion for movies. After high school he went on to working as a graphic artist, then he went on his own entrepreneurial ventures directing music videos,
tv commercials, 3D animation and party promotions, all fields in which he made a huge impact. In 2011 and 2012 Mental Chung won the Reggae Film Festival award for Best Animation, for his short animated film Bad Influence and his Dutty Bwoy Series. Mental Chung continues his creative ventures as he sets his sights on adding a musical career to his list. He started experimenting in 2012 then studied what he could behind the scenes. On this musical journey Mental Chung strives to educate, motivate, inspire, and entertain. With a belief that what ever your circumstances may be, being true to self, determination, will power, and the right chemistry, can allow you to accomplish what ever it is that you need to achieve.

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